The best defense against breast cancer is a good offense. Physicians and individuals recognize that the most ideal “treatment” of cancer is to prevent its occurrence in the first place or, to detect it early when it may be most treatable.There are no perfect solutions, but screening can help with early detection and is one of the ways you can help to reduce your risk.

Regular screening tests for breast cancer, such as an annual mammogram and a breast exam during your annual checkup, allow you and your doctor to ensure that your breasts are as healthy as they can be. Screening can also increase the likelihood that your doctor will find breast cancer early, which is when it’s most treatable.


A mammogram is an x-ray examination of the breasts, used to detect and diagnose breast diseases. Screening mammography is used as a preventive measure for women who have no symptoms of breast disease.

The Breast Center of Irvine is a “softer mammogram provider”. Our facility provides every woman with the Mammopad TM breast cushion, a soft, foam pad that creates a cushion between you and the mammography machine. This pad works to increase comfort during the mammography procedure. In addition, the fast paddle on our machines distributes pressure evenly which helps to reduce discomfort as well.



A radiologist who is a physician specifically trained to supervise and interpret radiology examinations, will analyze the images and send a signed report to your primary care or referring physician. You will receive a result letter 5-7 business days.


The Breast Center of Irvine is an imaging center specializing in breast care services dedicated to exceptional patient care



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